Mpower, Mumbai

Over the last decade, mPOWER has pioneered and perfected the art of Strategy Execution and Performance Monitoring.Stationed in Mumbai and Singapore, mPOWER delivers end-to-end solutions for businesses via its flagship brand and product suite, COVENARK®.mPOWER can transform your organization by offering an array of powerful automated solutions that can be tailored as required. Despite a small footprint, organizations can now operate worldwide.We focus on Services and Solutions in Performance Monitoring and Strategy Execution that are Customizable, Scalable, User Friendly and Cost Effective, with a promise to deliver on commitments.
To be the number one Branded Product Development Company in Asia and the World, providing high quality software products & services that empower business.
To become a One Stop Performance Management Shop on the net & on the ground that empowers business by Aligning People, Processes & Projects to Business Strategy.
To create and implement software solutions that empower our customers to execute their strategy and realize their Vision.To create an environment that inculcates sharing of knowledge and transformation of ideas, by being prepared for changes, with innovation put into action.To encourage strong values of Trust, Integrity, Transparency, Generosity, Confidence and Unity.To create opportunities of growth for every member through Motivation, Learning and Leadership.Keeping Customer Satisfaction at the forefront, as a strategy focused organization.

ALCOVIA (Revised), Singapore

Alcovia is a multifaceted creative agency based in Singapore. We work alongside our clients to design and build comprehensive strategies that encompass the ever-changing marketing mediums of today.

Our dedicated team of designers, programmers and tactical thinkers offer a varied host of services that include branding, communication design, ecommerce, web development, social media marketing and online ad campaigns.

At Alcovia, we do.

Solutions: Providing clients with targeted, result oriented creative solutions.

Listening: Keeping the client brief at the heart of our work.

Nouveau: New and improved techniques are implemented for digital viability.

Goals: Advertising is goal oriented in every aspect. Here at Alcovia, we prioritize your goals and objectives.


We develop ideas, strategies and modern solutions that effectively build awareness for your brand. Our team will mind map, brainstorm and conceptualize ideas, which communicate with your target audience across all mediums.


Whether it’s rebranding a firm or launching a new venture, Alcovia allows differentiated positioning and sophisticated identity to your professional service. We bring in our proven, research driven process to every engagement.

Communication design

We create the mood; strategize the target demographic and deliver the brand message through public spaces. We work alongside our clients to transform strategy and market research analytics into inspiring print ads. We also design and create way finding systems for both, traditional and digital mediums.


In today’s digital age of growing usage of online devices, we create and consult your brand awareness by closely following trends. We have a dedicated team of digital strategists and developers who work in close proximity with our clients to come up with solutions that have a defined roadmap and delivery schedule.

Web design and development

We offer comprehensive planning and executive solutions for all your web needs. At Alcovia, we fully understand the analysis and flow of a website. Together with our clients, we research, sketch, test web interfaces and generate ideas to provide a fresh perspective.

Online campaigns

We specialize in e-marketing campaigns that include design and placements of ads. We generate better awareness about your brand with targeted banner advertising, direct e-marketing and distribution of e-releases.


If your business is looking to explore opportunities online, Alcovia has all the necessary tools to provide a targeted robust business solution.

Microsites and Apps

For events and promotional marketing, we also design microsites and applications that can be linked or integrated into your Web platform.

Social Media

The Social web is ruled and led by people’s opinion. It is our job to direct and entice your target market. Alcovia creates your Social Media strategy; it then implements, monitors and manages it.

Customization is the key to brand authenticity.

Account Set up

We set up the social media aspect of your marketing from scratch and tailor it to a specific audience. We then implement ideas to create awareness of the brand through a variety of mediums (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.).

Growing your brand

The growth of your brand on a Social media platform requires special attention and targeted advertising. Our dedicated Social Media arm consults and assists clients to determine their positioning over time. We aid in the management of online communities, from content creation to campaigns enveloping digital and marketing methods.

Online Monitoring

Alcovia manages and updates online content through transparent and reliable information monitoring. These methods help target specific demographics, key opinion leaders and mitigate negative press.

Our advanced tracking tools effectively monitor their social media presence, engagement and performance on the real time social web.



WallpaerWale is a reputed wallpaper based firm, growing into global recognition. Renowned for its distinct wallpapers, it delivers the very best in interior art and design.

Having established ground, we now provide an array of wallpaper designs to choose from, each category tailored to meet your furnishing needs. Our unique style quotient ranges from modern to vintage wallpapers, and everything in between. Whether it’s classy or trendy, you’re assured to pattern your style.

Embedded with well defined colours and textures, our wallpapers are slick, cost effective and durable. Willingly well equipped to undertake bulk orders, we provide effective and efficient after sales service. Some of our elite clients include All India Radio, Aviva Life Insurance, Bank of Punjab, DLF Universal and Orient Craft.

Here at WallpaerWale, we make your wallpaper and design needs our top priority.

See you at your doorstep!!


Our Mission and Vision


In this ever changing era, we promise to enhance how we think. Carve our niche and maintain our individuality. We also consistently look to reinforce comfort and design.


Our vast expertise allows us to generate better lifestyle, and we in return seek to do the same. Thereby, all our wallpaper designs and furnishing solutions are up to date. Purely confident of our existing range of products and capabilities, we strive to improvise, appreciate and define individual needs.


Whether it’s at work or home, we look to make it your own. After all, “home is where the heart is”.


B-Sports, India

My blog : In countries such as Australia and America, where sports is given equal importance to work, a professional sport is played and followed 362 and 363 days a year respectively…And with multiple ‘Major Sport’ options to pursue, a sportsman can dream to build an extensive career out of it.

In India, a country driven by population, a cricketer aspires 14: billion odds (only to be merely enhanced now by the IPL) to get a career going… but as much as we all love the sport…not everyone wants to be a cricketer.

The remaining minuscule percentage of professional athletes continues to struggle, let down by facilities and support, for a cause that goes well and beyond passion. What lacks is not talent but opportunity…and given that, there’s no limit to catapulting talent and success.

With studies being the norm here, it’s a given that sports is sidelined more often than not. The last resort to making a mark leads to taking your talent outside the border. However, given the opportunity to compete here…business being the dual criteria, like any other venture it requisites an initial investment to reap returns. Bear in mind some of the richest people in the world are pro athletes.

Yet somehow the opportunity doesn’t seem to lurk here. It’s only now, after the occurrence and success of the Commonwealth and Asian Games that people are beginning to realize it. But that still isn’t good enough. There is strong reason as to why we don’t make international standards and a strong validation to why we aren’t on par at the Olympics.
And these reasons need to quietly wither away.

My purpose to using the site/blog is an effort to interlace creativity and sports to spread awareness…and what better way to interface it than social media.

Every child has the right to play. Let’s not take that away. It’s simple, if you can make a difference…Game on!!


PLAN B, Mumbai

About me

If music, sports and movies could co-exist in my own (well, apart from on television), that would undoubtedly define my being. Admittedly, its taken years trying to figure myself (yea, years not so well spent); it’s taken longer trying to figure how to piece this.

Chasing through childhood and laying most of adulthood on the couch eyeing the visual medium (while most think it’s a waste of time, I find it inspiring); finally seems to be paying off…

Strolling through lost roads of variant professions (kudos to my parents for letting me) has finally routed me here. Ever intrigued by whether things have a way of coming together and falling into perspective?

Well (realistically), they have a tendency to. The trick is to “believe”. 95% in English, M.Com, Film Anthropology and Cinematography at NYU…to working in a production house and running an entertainment company, has led to take the high road… And with tennis in the forerun, it feels like ‘means to an end’.

But could this well and truly be my delivered best???

Naah… doubt it… I’m still in progress…


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varun kumaR