PLANb is the creative end of the spectrum that breathes ‘branding’.

In creating Content, written and visual, while adhering to Brand Presence & Positioning;
Services rendered include Brand Identity – Logo, Tagline & Copywriting, Digital Media, Brand Collaterals,

Website Design & Development, E-Commerce, Application Softwares & Systems.

Directed simply by the cohesive flow of thoughts and ideas,
Let’s up the ‘Brand’ ante!


Urbane with a free-spirited vitality; Del Chen clothing is aesthetically and imaginatively effortless. A relaxed modernity infused with fluid silhouettes and the finest selection of natural fabrics, Del Chen offers a unique chic allure to contemporary clothing, rendering them luxurious yet easy to wear.

The collection ‘WHITE’ denotes a concept reflected by the simplicity and subtlety of all that’s natural. It provokes emotion and suggests beyond what one can see.

A seamless blend of natural fabrics and natural hues, Del Chen’s inspiration is further drawn from his Chinese heritage – the ethereal dramatic and unconventional beauty of Lin Daiyu from the Chinese literature masterpiece – Dream of the Red Chamber.

Representative of Lin Daiyu’s wardrobe in a modern city, step back and render the calm that is ‘WHITE’

Zayin, Mumbai

The traditional essence of hand drawn designs and skilled carpentry, combined with the brilliance of technology – Zayin is the culminated interpretation of Lata Valia, designer and architect.

A seamless blend of artistry and craftsmanship, it reflects an inspired collection borne from traditional design infused with the contemporary touch.

The intent lies in helping you create an environment that brings vision to life.

Zayin – The Collection

From mere simplicity to a keen sense of style, opulence and design, the collection displays an unparalleled range of exquisite furniture and fine interiors.

It relays from chic home décor accents and accessories to Zen inspired, including minimalistic pieces, European design and state of the art furniture.

Evolved over time, we bring you handcrafted furniture in its finest impeccable form.

Essentials Design, Mumbai

Essentials Design is a leading manufacturer and marketer of distinctive furniture – an industry favorite in innovative design and lifestyle.

Procuring fine hard wood to the subsequent production flow, and ultimately leading to the finishing, packaging and delivery of furniture,
Essentals Design does it all.

Essentials Design is a family owned business directed by Lata Valia, a prolific designer and architect who looks to retain the same exquisite craftsmanship displayed when she produced her first piece of furniture over three decades ago.The business now progresses along with her two sons who look to carry forward the family tradition and touch.
In being one of the most trusted names in the field and having built a robust reputation for design leadership and skilled craftsmanship, we undertake all activities in terms of manufacturing and design. Also specialising in residences, show-flats and hotels, we ascertain furniture of impeccable quality and enduring value.

In creating the perfect look for your lifestyle and budget, we bring style and comfort to every setting.

Why Essentials Design

Essentials Design is a full scale manufacturing unit that reliably undertakes all activities including production, delivery of furniture & design assistance.

We ensure the highest standards of quality and excellence associated with our brand and its heritage.

ZARDOZE, Singapore


The Arcana of Art

ZARDOZE looks to disseminate from the ordinary nucleus of fashion and create its own individuality. In bringing together all essential elements, ZARDOZE’s collection is synced to style. The style quotient is unique and ever-lasting, yet constantly evolving; brought about by a continuum of curiosity and expertise.



Founded in 2011, ZARDOZE came in as part of the Grayden Capital Group and has quickly transcended into the field of woman’s fashion. Focused on handcrafted embellishments, it now simply stands apart.

Assembled with a strong creative framework and a culturally diverse team of top designers, ZARDOZE encourages, supports and represents their freedom of expression.

In highlighting and resurrecting this contemporary art form that perpetrates a crucial voice in addressing the concerns of creative history, ZARDOZE maintains a keen sense of aesthetics and evolving trends in carefully defining its collection.

Along with a clothing line that projects modern-day silhouettes infused with artisan cuts, ZARDOZE puts forward fashion that reflects its historic and stylistic importance.

Fashion trend spotters had said, “ZARDOZE looks to exemplify what is next on the international scene,” and they were proven right when ZARDOZE signed up exclusively with Singapore’s retail giants ‘Robinsons’ before the launch of their first collection.

Based out of Singapore, ZARDOZE now takes course in redefining woman’s fashion.



We began this journey into the world of fashion to carve our niche and stand out by focusing on well defined embellished garments.

The fact that this type of embellishment work is an art form in itself inspired the name ZARDOZE; derived from the ancient royal art form of gold embroidery.

Each collection foretells a unique story, individually brought forward by our culturally diverse team of designers.

From concept to creation, we embark on an adventure to embrace the confident and powerful women of today. All our garments emphasize excellence with attention to detail. Production starts with a hand- picked selection of the finest fabrics and embellishments, and directs to a perfect finish.

ZARDOZE doesn’t end with the purchase and acquisition of a fashion statement. It goes on down to the after-sales service and attention given to all our clients; something we take very personally, and is emphasized by our complimentary alterations and bespoke creations.

Ultimately, ZARDOZE is our way of rewarding the confident woman