Anjuna, a picturesque sea side village in North Goa is strewn between the Arabian Sea and the overshadowing hill that overlooks the beach. A stunning beach site indeed!

The beach itself is marked by the presence of strikingly unusual rocky formations enveloping a cove of white sand and black rock that extends into the sea, popularly called ‘the Jewel of Anjuna’ or ‘Ozran’.

The rustic Chapora fort and magnificent Albuquerque mansion remain the highlights of this beach.

Anjuna plays home to the world renowned Wednesday Night Flea Market that rolls from dawn to dusk in tow with the artists, artisans, seers, searchers, explorers and itinerant expatriates it collects from across the globe. The market remains a favorite for residents and first-timers alike.

An otherwise busy-by-night beach haven, Anjuna has a host of laid back art cafes and restaurants for some peace and quiet. In stark contrast, you will also find adventurous water sports that boast of an active and exhilarating lifestyle.

Sunsets by the sea; there is a part spiritual, part cosmic air enveloping ANJUNA that just draws you in.

Once you’re here, it’s here you want to be!



E X C E L E O N – A Music, Culture and Lifestyle brand for the young-minded.

The E X C E L E O N project modestly began for those who live and love music. The aim was to unite like-minded people and create a close knit family of individuals who can express and spread their love for music.

The World Needs Music!

Watch this space and express your love for all things we do..

The E X C E L E O N Group

The E X C E L E O N Group is a multifaceted luxury lifestyle group that creates and curates brands.

E X C E L E O N Music manages talent and sound design on the whole, collaborating with artists globally.

E X C E L E O N Culture & Clothing caters to the urban youth, risk takers and music lovers. The elusive collection rolls out once a year.

E X C E L E O N Racing is innovative and inspiring. In re-defining cars, we inject the highest ecological and technical modifications, and win over our exclusive clientele through impeccable design competence and signature looks.
A precocious consciousness and profound knowledge of cars; the most revolutionary technology is used in all areas of vehicle individualization to pioneer new designs. It can also be customised as desired by a client.

E X C E L E O N Lifestyle focuses on luxury end living. An intimate approach is taken in envisaging a space and making it your own.
We design and develop spaces with our primary belief – ‘The world needs music’, creating venues that are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

All seamlessly weaved into one, The E X C E L E O N Group is driven to define new paradigms of our very existence.



BEACH HEAVEN, Anjuna is an ambitious residential project helmed by Kashmita Properties Pvt. Ltd. that looks to converge with what Anjuna has to offer and transcend the quality of life, while keeping its inherent cultural and artistic background in check.

Primly located at Anjuna Beach, in close proximity to Thalasa Restaurant and the Wednesday Night Market, this architecturally significant residential property stretches over 3.5 acres wide.

In tune with the cozy Goan lifestyle and stylized Portuguese touch, BEACH HEAVEN, ANJUNA offers lavish and spacious apartments to create a plush and comfortable stay.

Nestled in the heart of Anjuna, it is easily accessible and well surrounded by places that cater to your everyday needs. Further embedded with great places to eat and drink, you’ll often find yourself at a nearby beach café watching the sun go down and knowing you’ve made the right decision.

Here at Beach Heaven, Anjuna you’ll find a dream home and a perfect balance to life.


Listed as the third-best travel destination in the world; south-west of Europe lies Spain. If it wasn’t on your mind yet, suggest you put it on your bucket list.

Far stretched landscapes, littered beaches to untamed deserts; geographically speaking, Spain seems to have it all. Going hand in glove with its beautiful environ is its beaming rich architecture and culture – the Roman Relics, the Muslim Palaces, the Baroque Cathedrals and the Gothic ‘Gaudi’ architecture is breathtaking to say the very least.

The culture is no less diverse. Along with good public schooling, affordable housing and open business opportunities, Spain offers a fantastic lifestyle. In the open era, Spain seems to have become synonymous with virtually everything- tourism, sports, cuisine, nightlife, and well now a real hotspot for movies as well. Leaving no surprise for its leaping popularity, Spain simply seems to be offering the whole package.

Its capital since 1952, Madrid is centrally located and well connected. It plays host to the Spanish Government and the Royal Family. Apart from being culturally significant, with some of the best art galleries such as the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, it is also described as the financial capital of Spain. Not only does it boast an active lifestyle, but also a predominant nightlife. Madrid tames the term “Work hard, play hard.”

Ranked third by as “The World’s Happiest Cities,” there is not enough that can be said about Barcelona. Referred to as “the classic Mediterranean city” and “Spain’s Mediterranean jewel,” Barcelona promises to unveil an experience of a lifetime. The Gothic ‘Gaudi’ architecture, surreal buildings and majestic churches unfold one of the most stylish cities in the world. Along with the modern-day Picasso’s, there’s no denying that Barcelona continues to break ground in Art and Architecture. Top places to visit in Barcelona include Catedral de la Seu, Santa Maria del Mar, Casa Mila, Palau Guell (Guell Palace), Temple Exiatori de la Sagradia Familia (Expiatory Church of the Holy Family), La Rambla, Tibidabo, Park Guell and Bouqeria market. Barcelona has so much to offer and keeps you coming back for more. It truly is a journey in pursuit of happiness.

The increasing popularity in tourism, has made access to Spain that much easier. A little poking around on the net and you can easily find reasonable flights to and within Spain, affordable accommodation and hotels. One such place is Great travel packages are available elsewhere too. Once in Spain, the reliable network of roads and railways takes care of you. Domestic flights are also convenient and low cost. Top places to visit in Spain are El Chorro, Park & Alquezar, the Rio Tinto River, Ronda, Gaztelugatxe, Granada and Cuenca.

When in Spain, you can also watch the toreros (bullfighters), stroll the Las Ramblas (shopping street), dance with the flamenco bailadors (dancers), engage in daily siestas (midday naps), learn Castilian (language), feast on tapas (delicacy), sip on sangrias (fruit wine), strum the guitar and explore the vibrant night life.
The picture pretty much paints itself.

If Spain doesn’t pull you to plan a trip, I’m not sure what will.

Copyrights Reserved 2015, Varun Kumar


PLANb is the creative end of the spectrum that breathes ‘branding’.

In creating Content, written and visual, while adhering to Brand Presence & Positioning;
Services rendered include Brand Identity – Logo, Tagline & Copywriting, Digital Media, Brand Collaterals,

Website Design & Development, E-Commerce, Application Softwares & Systems.

Directed simply by the cohesive flow of thoughts and ideas,
Let’s up the ‘Brand’ ante!


Urbane with a free-spirited vitality; Del Chen clothing is aesthetically and imaginatively effortless. A relaxed modernity infused with fluid silhouettes and the finest selection of natural fabrics, Del Chen offers a unique chic allure to contemporary clothing, rendering them luxurious yet easy to wear.

The collection ‘WHITE’ denotes a concept reflected by the simplicity and subtlety of all that’s natural. It provokes emotion and suggests beyond what one can see.

A seamless blend of natural fabrics and natural hues, Del Chen’s inspiration is further drawn from his Chinese heritage – the ethereal dramatic and unconventional beauty of Lin Daiyu from the Chinese literature masterpiece – Dream of the Red Chamber.

Representative of Lin Daiyu’s wardrobe in a modern city, step back and render the calm that is ‘WHITE’