E X C E L E O N – A Music, Culture and Lifestyle brand for the young-minded.

The E X C E L E O N project modestly began for those who live and love music. The aim was to unite like-minded people and create a close knit family of individuals who can express and spread their love for music.

The World Needs Music!

Watch this space and express your love for all things we do..

The E X C E L E O N Group

The E X C E L E O N Group is a multifaceted luxury lifestyle group that creates and curates brands.

E X C E L E O N Music manages talent and sound design on the whole, collaborating with artists globally.

E X C E L E O N Culture & Clothing caters to the urban youth, risk takers and music lovers. The elusive collection rolls out once a year.

E X C E L E O N Racing is innovative and inspiring. In re-defining cars, we inject the highest ecological and technical modifications, and win over our exclusive clientele through impeccable design competence and signature looks.
A precocious consciousness and profound knowledge of cars; the most revolutionary technology is used in all areas of vehicle individualization to pioneer new designs. It can also be customised as desired by a client.

E X C E L E O N Lifestyle focuses on luxury end living. An intimate approach is taken in envisaging a space and making it your own.
We design and develop spaces with our primary belief – ‘The world needs music’, creating venues that are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

All seamlessly weaved into one, The E X C E L E O N Group is driven to define new paradigms of our very existence.