Anjuna, a picturesque sea side village in North Goa is strewn between the Arabian Sea and the overshadowing hill that overlooks the beach. A stunning beach site indeed!

The beach itself is marked by the presence of strikingly unusual rocky formations enveloping a cove of white sand and black rock that extends into the sea, popularly called ‘the Jewel of Anjuna’ or ‘Ozran’.

The rustic Chapora fort and magnificent Albuquerque mansion remain the highlights of this beach.

Anjuna plays home to the world renowned and vibrant Wednesday Night Flea Market, that rolls from dawn to dusk, in tow with the artists, artisans, seers, searchers, explorers and itinerant expatriates it collects from across the globe. It still remains a favorite of residents and first-timers alike.

This otherwise busy-by-night beach haven also has a host of laid back art cafes and restaurants for some peace and quiet. You will also find adventurous water sports that boast of an exhilarating and active lifestyle.

There is a part spiritual, part cosmic air enveloping ANJUNA that just draws you in.
Once you’re here, it’s here you want to be!