ALCOVIA (Revised), Singapore

Alcovia is a multifaceted creative agency based in Singapore. We work alongside our clients to design and build comprehensive strategies that encompass the ever-changing marketing mediums of today.

Our dedicated team of designers, programmers and tactical thinkers offer a varied host of services that include branding, communication design, ecommerce, web development, social media marketing and online ad campaigns.

At Alcovia, we do.

Solutions: Providing clients with targeted, result oriented creative solutions.

Listening: Keeping the client brief at the heart of our work.

Nouveau: New and improved techniques are implemented for digital viability.

Goals: Advertising is goal oriented in every aspect. Here at Alcovia, we prioritize your goals and objectives.


We develop ideas, strategies and modern solutions that effectively build awareness for your brand. Our team will mind map, brainstorm and conceptualize ideas, which communicate with your target audience across all mediums.


Whether it’s rebranding a firm or launching a new venture, Alcovia allows differentiated positioning and sophisticated identity to your professional service. We bring in our proven, research driven process to every engagement.

Communication design

We create the mood; strategize the target demographic and deliver the brand message through public spaces. We work alongside our clients to transform strategy and market research analytics into inspiring print ads. We also design and create way finding systems for both, traditional and digital mediums.


In today’s digital age of growing usage of online devices, we create and consult your brand awareness by closely following trends. We have a dedicated team of digital strategists and developers who work in close proximity with our clients to come up with solutions that have a defined roadmap and delivery schedule.

Web design and development

We offer comprehensive planning and executive solutions for all your web needs. At Alcovia, we fully understand the analysis and flow of a website. Together with our clients, we research, sketch, test web interfaces and generate ideas to provide a fresh perspective.

Online campaigns

We specialize in e-marketing campaigns that include design and placements of ads. We generate better awareness about your brand with targeted banner advertising, direct e-marketing and distribution of e-releases.


If your business is looking to explore opportunities online, Alcovia has all the necessary tools to provide a targeted robust business solution.

Microsites and Apps

For events and promotional marketing, we also design microsites and applications that can be linked or integrated into your Web platform.

Social Media

The Social web is ruled and led by people’s opinion. It is our job to direct and entice your target market. Alcovia creates your Social Media strategy; it then implements, monitors and manages it.

Customization is the key to brand authenticity.

Account Set up

We set up the social media aspect of your marketing from scratch and tailor it to a specific audience. We then implement ideas to create awareness of the brand through a variety of mediums (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.).

Growing your brand

The growth of your brand on a Social media platform requires special attention and targeted advertising. Our dedicated Social Media arm consults and assists clients to determine their positioning over time. We aid in the management of online communities, from content creation to campaigns enveloping digital and marketing methods.

Online Monitoring

Alcovia manages and updates online content through transparent and reliable information monitoring. These methods help target specific demographics, key opinion leaders and mitigate negative press.

Our advanced tracking tools effectively monitor their social media presence, engagement and performance on the real time social web.