WallpaerWale is a reputed wallpaper based firm, growing into global recognition. Renowned for its distinct wallpapers, it delivers the very best in interior art and design.

Having established ground, we now provide an array of wallpaper designs to choose from, each category tailored to meet your furnishing needs. Our unique style quotient ranges from modern to vintage wallpapers, and everything in between. Whether it’s classy or trendy, you’re assured to pattern your style.

Embedded with well defined colours and textures, our wallpapers are slick, cost effective and durable. Willingly well equipped to undertake bulk orders, we provide effective and efficient after sales service. Some of our elite clients include All India Radio, Aviva Life Insurance, Bank of Punjab, DLF Universal and Orient Craft.

Here at WallpaerWale, we make your wallpaper and design needs our top priority.

See you at your doorstep!!


Our Mission and Vision


In this ever changing era, we promise to enhance how we think. Carve our niche and maintain our individuality. We also consistently look to reinforce comfort and design.


Our vast expertise allows us to generate better lifestyle, and we in return seek to do the same. Thereby, all our wallpaper designs and furnishing solutions are up to date. Purely confident of our existing range of products and capabilities, we strive to improvise, appreciate and define individual needs.


Whether it’s at work or home, we look to make it your own. After all, “home is where the heart is”.