B-Sports, India

My blog : In countries such as Australia and America, where sports is given equal importance to work, a professional sport is played and followed 362 and 363 days a year respectively…And with multiple ‘Major Sport’ options to pursue, a sportsman can dream to build an extensive career out of it.

In India, a country driven by population, a cricketer aspires 14: billion odds (only to be merely enhanced now by the IPL) to get a career going… but as much as we all love the sport…not everyone wants to be a cricketer.

The remaining minuscule percentage of professional athletes continues to struggle, let down by facilities and support, for a cause that goes well and beyond passion. What lacks is not talent but opportunity…and given that, there’s no limit to catapulting talent and success.

With studies being the norm here, it’s a given that sports is sidelined more often than not. The last resort to making a mark leads to taking your talent outside the border. However, given the opportunity to compete here…business being the dual criteria, like any other venture it requisites an initial investment to reap returns. Bear in mind some of the richest people in the world are pro athletes.

Yet somehow the opportunity doesn’t seem to lurk here. It’s only now, after the occurrence and success of the Commonwealth and Asian Games that people are beginning to realize it. But that still isn’t good enough. There is strong reason as to why we don’t make international standards and a strong validation to why we aren’t on par at the Olympics.
And these reasons need to quietly wither away.

My purpose to using the site/blog is an effort to interlace creativity and sports to spread awareness…and what better way to interface it than social media.

Every child has the right to play. Let’s not take that away. It’s simple, if you can make a difference…Game on!!