PLAN b, Mumbai

About Work
PLAN b is the creative end of the spectrum that breathes ‘Branding’.
In creating ‘Content’, written and visual,

Services rendered include

Brand Logo & Tagline
Digital Media
Creative Collaterals
Website Design & Development
Application Softwares & Systems.

Directed by the simple cohesive flow of thoughts and ideas,

Let’s up the ‘Brand’ ante!

About me

If music, movies, sports and travel could co-exist in my own; that would undoubtedly define my being.

Admittedly, it’s been years trying to piece things together.

Ever intrigued by whether things have a way of coming together and falling into perspective?
Well they may have a tendency to. The trick is to “believe”.

95 in English
Film Anthropology
Cinematography at New York University (NYU)
AITA Tennis Player
Enterapped Inc

But could this well and be my delivered best?

Naah doubt it… I’m still in progress…