PLAN B, Mumbai

About me

If music, sports and movies could co-exist in my own (well, apart from on television), that would undoubtedly define my being. Admittedly, its taken years trying to figure myself (yea, years not so well spent); it’s taken longer trying to figure how to piece this.

Chasing through childhood and laying most of adulthood on the couch eyeing the visual medium (while most think it’s a waste of time, I find it inspiring); finally seems to be paying off…

Strolling through lost roads of variant professions (kudos to my parents for letting me) has finally routed me here. Ever intrigued by whether things have a way of coming together and falling into perspective?

Well (realistically), they have a tendency to. The trick is to “believe”. 95% in English, M.Com, Film Anthropology and Cinematography at NYU…to working in a production house and running an entertainment company, has led to take the high road… And with tennis in the forerun, it feels like ‘means to an end’.

But could this well and truly be my delivered best???

Naah… doubt it… I’m still in progress…


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